Enchanting Skies
Sunita Staneslow - harp

When: Sunday, January 21st
Where: Online (link will be sent to you)
Cost: free (Contributions welcome)
Showcasing the beauty of the skies of Unst, a tiny remote island in the North Sea where Sunita spends most of the year. In this concert she shares the inspiration and imagery of the enchanting skies in the far north.

9pm/21:00 Jaffa / Tel Aviv
7pm/19:00 Edinburgh / Shetland
2pm/14:00 New York
1pm/13:00 Minneapolis
11am/11:00 Los Angeles

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Sunita's mid-winter concert illuminates the skies of Unst with imagery that captures the imagination - the colours of the sunrises and sunsets - the clarity of the stars - the magic of the aurora borealis or mirrie dancers' as the Shetlanders call them.

The concert is free and your contributions are welcome to help support the costs of production. 20% of your contribution will go to support 'Wild Skies Shetland', an organisation based in Unst that tells the story of Shetland’s spectacular skies through guides, events and exhibitions.

Photographers contributing to this event:
Richard Ashbee
Robbie Brookes

Steve Birrell

Malc0lm Brown

Meet Sunita

Sunita Staneslow has been bringing joy into peoples' lives with her harp for several decades. Now you can enjoy her performances in the comfort of your home.

Sunita divides her time between her home by the Mediterranean in Jaffa, and at her second home in Shetland, Scotland - producing books for the harp, recordings and leading music tours for harpists and friends of the harp.

Join Sunita and learn about her world.