My Shetland Summer
Sunita Staneslow - harp
Laura Zaerr - harp
Angela Fraser - fiddle
Marty Randle - guitar
& guests

When: Sunday, November 26th
Where: Online (link will be sent to you)
Cost: free (Contributions welcome)
Supporting the Parents Circle Family Forum - an important group of Israeli and Palestinians families, Arabs and Jews, who have lost a loved one due to political violence - sharing their grief and rejecting hate and revenge,

7pm/19:00 Jaffa / Tel Aviv
5pm/17:00 Edinburgh
12 noon/12:00 New York
11am/11:00 Minneapolis
9am/09:00 Los Angeles


Sunita had a busy summer with her harp tours in Scotland and Italy, various concerts, plus her ukulele project with Sheland children. This presentation is a collection of performances in unique Shetland settings. You'll enjoy Sunita performing solo harp and also in ensemble with various instruments.

The concert is free and your contributions are welcome to help support the costs of production. 50% of your contribution will go to support the Parents Circle, an oganisation of Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews, who have lost loved ones and come together to share their grief and reject the politics of hate.

Meet Sunita

Sunita Staneslow has been bringing joy into peoples' lives with her harp for several decades. Now you can enjoy her performances in the comfort of your home.

Sunita divides her time between her home by the Mediterranean in Jaffa, and at her second home in Shetland, Scotland - producing books for the harp, recordings and leading music tours for harpists and friends of the harp.

Join Sunita and learn about her world.