Solstice Concert
Sunita Staneslow - pedal harp
Mati Bobek - clarinet


When: Sunday, June 20th
Where: Online (link will be sent to you)
Cost: free (Contributions welcome)

Produced in Scotland's most northern Isle, with a twist. These musicians are performing in Jaffa, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sunita and Mati have performed together with the Raanana Symphonette and developed a duet program to explore musical traditions on both sides of the Mediterranean. Both of these artists are classically trained, seeped in the sounds of their region, and have an improvisational style. Don't miss this great event.

9:00pm/21:00 Jaffa / Tel Aviv & Jerusalem
8:00pm/20:00 Berlin
7:00pm/19:00 Edinburgh
2:00pm/14:00 New York
1:00pm/13:00 Minneapolis
12 noon/12:00 Denver
11:00am/11:00 Los Angeles

Meet Sunita

Sunita Staneslow has been bringing joy into peoples' lives with her harp for several decades. Now you can enjoy her performances in the comfort of your home via her online studio concert series.

Sunita divides her time between her home by the Mediterranean in Jaffa, and at her second home in Shetland, Scotland - producing books for the harp, recordings and leading music tours for harpists and friends of the harp.

Join Sunita and learn about her world.