Celebration of
International Women's Day

Sunita Staneslow - harp
Hagit Rosmarin - flutes
Gil Bohadana - percussion

When: Sunday, March 13th
Where: Online (link will be sent to you)
Cost: free (Contributions welcome)

8:00pm/21:00 Jaffa / Tel Aviv
6:00pm/19:00 Edinburgh
2:00pm/14:00 New York
1:00pm/13:00 Chicago
11:00am/11:00 Los Angeles


Hagit and Sunita will present a mix of music in honor of women, plus some Irish music as a nod to St. Patrick's Day. Hagit's husband Gil will share some of his exotic collection of percussion instruments.

The location of this concert is just south of the Lebanese border at the northern Israel studio, 'Flutes in the Galilee' (Halil BaGalil - חליל בגליל). 

The concert is free and your contributions are welcome to help support the musicians and the costs of production. 10% of your contribution will go to support relief work in the Ukraine and 10% will support the Russian anti-war movement.

Meet Sunita

Sunita Staneslow has been bringing joy into peoples' lives with her harp for several decades. Now you can enjoy her performances in the comfort of your home.

Sunita divides her time between her home by the Mediterranean in Jaffa, and at her second home in Shetland, Scotland - producing books for the harp, recordings and leading music tours for harpists and friends of the harp.

Join Sunita and learn about her world.